Seven Deadly Sins (Style Edition #1)

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, I am blogging each and every Tuesday (sometimes more but definitely on Tuesdays). I hope you are just as excited as I am when it comes to the blogging process, and I do appreciate that you’ve even taken the time to come to my page.

A topic I’d like to focus on are the Seven Deadly Sins, but more so in ways relating to style and fashion. I know that many of us can relate to the style and fashion industry, so that’s why I’m using that industry to paint a picture about topics ranging from lust, anger, envy, gluttony, sloth, greed, and wrath. I know it’s a bit of a heavy hand, but I will take each topic into delicious weekly bite-sized morsels masquerading into bitter truths that need to be taken in.

For today’s topic, I am going to focus on envy in the fashion industry and why envy will always be out of style. Not sometimes, not mostly, but in fact ALL of the time. Recently, Commes des Garçon pulled the ultimate fashion faux-pas with cultural appropriation on the runway. However, this is sadly not anything new, but hopefully these maîsons of avante-garde couture will continue to learn from their mistakes, like we all need to continually do.

Envy comes from a horrible place and can cause intense divide and bitterness.

It is okay to look at someone else and sincerely feel happy and proud of their accomplishments, but it is a whole other thing to look at someone’s accomplishments, milestones, or assets and wonder why you’re not them or feel depressed because you’re not “living your best life” which is honestly their life.

Envy can cause friendships to turn sour, relationships to sicken, intense anxiety and depression, and so much more. You could even begin to develop identity crises because you become too absorbed with what someone else is doing at all times.

The solution? Focus on yourself, focus on self-care, and understand that we are all on different paths and that is completely okay. You might not have an inkling of understanding as to what that person had to endure to get to where they are today. So, please be compassionate instead of critical, be warming instead of whining, and be euphoric instead of being envious.

You are also here, and you have ✨precious gifts✨ to share with the world 🌎.

So what are you waiting for? I want to see all of us succeed and thrive.

Much love,

Stella Leanne

P.S. See you next week, where we will discuss… lust!

3 Ways To Build Resilience Now

What is one of the best tools to have in your soft skill arsenal that will catapult you into your even better self and get you to the next phase of your life that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time? Resilience, of course! Resilience is the ability to take a failure and learn from it, and become better, rather than wallow endlessly and pity oneself. Resilience is key if you need to achieve the seemingly impossible, because resilience is that ability to keep going, despite the crazy things that can throw us for a spin, either internally or externally. Resilience is the ability to keep going, and to turn obstacles into growth opportunities. Resilience is a muscle, and it can definitely be honed, and I’ll even give you a few tips that can help you improve your resilience today.

  1. Stop giving into your fears, but keep listening to your gut. Your gut will be the one that can either save or kick your butt, however, your fears only want your butt to stay stagnant and in your “comfort zone.” Deep growth lies outside your comfort zone, beyond what you are used to and familiar with, but is nothing to be afraid of.
  2. After you’ve had a moment to reflect, get back out there. Don’t think about the past too much and get so wrapped up in it that you forget that you’re in the present and can make changes right now that can help you out in the long run. Just get out and keep going.
  3. Remember the bigger picture. What initially got you into this idea, notion, project, activity, etc.? Was it so that you could be recognized in that field? Was it so that you could support yourself while also doing something you enjoyed? Please remember that not every moment will be one that is glamorous or lovely, but every bit of effort you put into overcoming obstacles will manifest itself into awesome experiences and your realities will soon become better than your wildest dreams.

The Importance of an Action Plan

When was the last time you actually said you were going to do something, and then actually did it within a reasonable time and felt a great sense of accomplishment? If it feels like it has been a while, or maybe you’re a bit less motivated than usual, then you’ve come to the right place.

An action plan is an awesome way to get out of your own head and better organize your thoughts. An action plan is a way to have a better sense of how you can best use your time, and it can be a very effective means of motivating you to accomplishing your work, or at least getting started on it.

In your own head, you may have some really awesome ideas, but you may also have some subconscious fears that you may or may not be aware of that are currently holding you back. Getting all of your thoughts down on paper (what do you want to do, when do you want it done by, what is the best way of tackling this, etc.) is a great start and can make something that seems so daunting actually not so bad after all.

What does a great action plan have?

  1. It lists what you need to do. Even if it’s something that’s not due until a month from now, that is something you need to start working on now. Keep it short and specific.
  2. It has specific due dates. What are the small steps that need to be considered and when should those be done?
  3. It needs to have your absolute commitment. You need to commit yourself to your plan and not let any distractions get in the way.
  4. It needs to have rewards or incentives. If you accomplish X by 2:00pm, maybe you’ll reward yourself by booking that trip.
  5. It helps you kick your own ass. The plan motivates you to get all your work done, while at the same time reminding you of how strong you are and that you are capable, by setting expectations that are do-able for you.

Simply put, a great action plan can be your best friend when it comes to getting sh!t done and making the most out of your time. It can help provide greater clarity and focus since you can have it in front of you, and not just in your own head. YOU GOT THIS.

Reflections on Hard Work

     Hello, there! Thank you for joining me and I hope you stay a while. Have you ever had a time where you felt so exhausted, especially after working really hard, and just hoping that it either ends or that it pays off? Me too.

       However, what I’ve come to realize is that hard work can be something to enjoy, and it helps me remember what I love and what’s important. Work hard, play hard. There are many times where the work seems like it’s too much, too complicated, too droll, perhaps even the straw that could break the camel’s back. But at the end of the day, it’s what you make that matters.

      Making someone’s day, making a beautiful ceramic sculpture, making flash cards, whatever it is, you’re pushing towards something bigger. Yes, that will take consistent hard work, and it will pay off. It may not be immediate, but like a seed planted in good soil and in the right conditions, it will grow and may become much bigger than you could have ever imagined.

    So the next time you’re working hard and you hope it pays off or that you want it to be over, just keep going above and beyond. 

“The work that challenges you the most is the biggest opportunity for you to learn and grow.”

-Stella Leanne