It’s 2020, what are you doing?

It’s officially 2020 (for about two weeks already) and I haven’t been blogging every day like I initially thought I would. I’m not upset about that, since I am making splashes in other ways.

Me, with Marmalade exploring the backcountry of the Schiele Museum

Perhaps you know this, perhaps you don’t, but I also run an awesome Instagram account, @stellaleannedesign. There, you will find my musings, ramblings, drawings, writings, and more. I’ve recently begun to understand that Instagram and Instagram Stories are really awesome and have the power to change the world in very awesome ways, at least the way I use it.

One thing I really want to touch on is enjoying the process, and enjoying wherever you are in your life right now. Sometimes you set goals two weeks back and you haven’t measured up to it. That DOES NOT MEAN that you have failed, perhaps you need to reframe your goal. Sometimes it can be very hard to blog every day, to know who your niche is, and what to even blog about. In that case, maybe instead of blogging every day just to blog, how about blogging once a week with awesome and meaningful content?

The key is consistency, not quantity. You don’t have to be a lengthy novel-writing blogger, whose entries are over 10,000+ words deep somehow, and you don’t have to have 1M+ followers. You don’t have to put pictures in every single one of your blogs.

Your audience truly just wants to hear from you. As for me, I will blog once a week, definitely dropping posts each Tuesday.

Anyways, just enjoying what you’re doing day in and day out, but especially in the right here, right now, will help you tremendously.

Love and light,

Stella Leanne

P.S. I am writing a couple books that I would love to have self-published by March 2020. If you’d love to help, you can make a contribution either through Ko-fi ( or even Paypal (

P.P.S. I plan on having my first podcast out in February 2020, where I talk about art, design, books, the writing process, culture, and so much more. I hope you come along for this!

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